Friday, January 27, 2012

Revolution Intro

We were revolutionary babies.
Born after the revolution of 1979 in the middle of a war
We were the children of revolution and war
And there are entire generations of us

Raised on rations, air raid sirens
And tales of the ancient empire.
Raised behind closed doors and under veils.
Raised on the past because the future was bleak.

On the TV, we watched foreign cartoons
And men of 'peace' preaching about the enemy.
We lived in an Animal Farm (George Orwell book)
Where those concerned only with profits kill prophets
and script scripture because they deal in the trade of Truth
Where the images of martyrs are plastered over walls as ads
Where the graves of unidentified soldiers in parks and hiking paths
Serve as reminders extolling the virtues of the Republic.

We were fed the ashes of our parents' dead dreams
And we were waiting to come rushing into the world
At the bottom of their well of hopes.

We were the safety net waiting to catch our fathers' ideological fall
We were the wishes that our mothers aimed and shot at the stars
And they loaded us with everything they had.
We were the prayers of the war-torn and the revolution-tattered
And even as the pillars of our parents' ideologies crumbled around them
We were held up like banners as if to say
"You almost fooled us!"


For the rest of the piece...http://alialikhani.blogspot.com/2011/02/revolution.html

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