Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Whether we are God's creation
Progeny of Adam and Eve
Or children of the stars
And the stepping stones of evolution 

Whether everything 
Or nothing is a miracle

Whether scientists discover the origin of our Universe
Or theologians find irrefutable evidence of God 

Whether alchemy or aliens
Whether intelligent design
Or evolutionary theory

At one point
Something arose 
From Nothing

Whether it was the Big Bang or Seven Days
At one point
Everything as we know it 
Materialized from absolutely nothing
And that is all I need to know

There are holes big enough for our Universe 
within the theories and understanding of men
Whether they wear white lab coats or ceremonial robes
Most sell false gold coated in certainty

So give me no gold, certainty or white robes
Take me away from everything
That takes me away from this
Each moment, each breath
A reminder of that pre-eternal dance
From Nothing to Something

1 comment:

  1. Amazing poem! I relate. C.S. Lewis said that science may explain everything about how existence is, but it does not explain THAT it does.
    It is important to be humble in the face of big questions.