Thursday, March 7, 2013

confessions from planet Earth

Part I

I drank in the stars on those summer nights
I proposed to the Moon
Declared war against the Horizon
And tried to beat him to her every night
I ate and was given birth to with every bite
I was the one that had to experience everything for myself
I fell in love with the stories but had to make my own
I grew with the morning and made the night my lover
Because She tasted of something like astonishment
The old stories were true
Science was not born, Magic did not die
The beauty of the unknown remains our guide
I sang a lullaby to the sky from the mountains one time
And caught the world dreaming of something impossible
Something just like itself
I once tried to blind the Sun with its own reflection
I dipped into the recesses of my heart until I wrung light
Out of that tattered cloth passing itself off as me
I left pieces of myself everywhere I would go
Because I encountered pieces of myself everywhere I went
I preserved each love with the salt of tears
I broke fast with the hungry and the sated
I waltzed with the heavens, I stomped with thunder
Roared at the ocean and it swallowed me whole
I don't care what they say
I was a witness to an act of love so great
An entire Universe was born for its [story] telling

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