Sunday, May 26, 2013

Untitled 2

Scars that kiss you back
Like open, hungry mouths


Tonight I am an open scar
And each word and breath 
Peels apart the wound afresh
Tonight my tongue is a whip
It lashes off the roof of my mouth
And the back of my teeth

My veins pump napalm
I am the oncoming darkness
A face turned away from the sun
The searing cold of perpetual shadow

I am a cemetery of empty graves
Tabula Rasa tombstones
Waiting for a brush of your lips
So they may etch its memory into stone

So color me iridescent with incessant kisses
I want to make love to you with all my pain
I want to hold you the way dry land soaks in 
That first drop of rain after a drought
I won't ask you where you come from
I won't ask of past deeds or your beliefs 

Because even as water recedes to the lowest point
I know, you will be gone by the morning
Resurrected by the heat of the sun
Back up into the open arms of the sky
A passing cloud 
Reminding me of our next, reunion. 

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