Thursday, October 28, 2010

a bed of hidden nights and reveries

I had a dream, of walking a well lit road
In the distance could be heard words in many languages
The comfort of firelight lit the woods like fireflies
And the smell of food and the sounds of company
Joyous, full of laughter, made me pause, thinking it home
But restless, the road stretched on, carrying me with it
To different fires, different faces, different words and names
All saying: "rest awhile, take off your shoes"
My heart, I could feel in my feet
And weary, I laid them down to sleep
Yet when the dying coals became cold
I awoke, seized again with restlessness
In that shroud of darkness I could not find my shoes
So barefoot I stumbled on, until the road became a path
And even that, eventually disappeared
There was no moon, nor stars
I could not even see my feet
So gingerly they stepped, hesitant
Before my imagining of what lay ahead
In that darkness, sound became scent
Sight became touch, and everything was felt
There, motes of dust carried more weight than words
There, my eyes became my feet
My feet became my heart
And I could feel the grass blades bracing
For the kiss from the morning dew
Wordless, shoeless, I carried on

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