Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I am only here, to remind you of the dawn
to paint the brilliance of the stars
so you can see their light at will.
I had a name once, a livelihood
that weight, I cast off
shell that it was.
I lost myself in the meaninglessness of names
embraced namelessness to find my meaning.
I stripped away belief and disbelief.
Naked, afraid, against the immense rush of the torrent
yet only in the most violent currents could I find calm.
My nakedness became my shield.
I come to you with head bowed and hands open.
Let me sleep by your side, sharing your dreams
I promise to tread lightly. 
You don't need to say a word
dreams are written in the languages of the heart.
Don’t you see I only want to get under your skin?
I live to see you at your most vulnerable
tortuously naked against the relentless barbs of this raging flood.
For only the sharpest blades can hew a bleeding heart out of stone.
And in the waves of your bleeding heart
will you hear its language, unspoken and wordless.
Already tripping over your words, your mouth stops talking
and your eyes, your eyes, they speak of all your stories!
I see entire worlds glimmering in their depths.
Join me in wordless conversation
don’t listen, feel.
Let me see through your eyes.
Let me feel your stories as my own.
Leaves of one tree, we live through each other.
*option 1 (Give me your lips
let me breathe for you
and feel you tremble with life.)
I lay before you with this broken body
I can't give you my heart
that isn't for me to give away.
*option 2 (So let me give you my lips instead
so you can breathe for me
and feel me tremble with life)
In your eyes
I see you heart bleeds too
let us bleed together then.
As one in the blood-letting
like individual veins leading to the same heart.

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