Saturday, October 6, 2012


My love,
why are you so sad?
Why so heartbroken, my love?

Don't you see
My love, don't you see
Everything is singing for you and me

Don't you know last night
the moon climbed up over your window
just to share the sun's kiss with you?

Don't you know
every time you watched the stars
they were watching you back
as they made wishes off every turn of your hand?

My love, don't you know
the waves spent all night
writing you poetry on the sand?

Don't you see
My love, don't you see
Everything is singing for you and me

Don't you know every time you dance
seemingly still stars hurl themselves
across the night sky like comets?

Don't you know last night when you smiled through the scars
heavenly spheres aligned and the light in your eyes
lit a path to the very heart of the cosmos?

Don't you know each time you laugh
constellations fall out of alignment
and have to relocate their scattered parts?

Don't you know celestial bodies made pilgrimages to your bedside
every time you peeled away another layer of yourself
and emerged with wings from the cocoon of your ego?

They danced for you when you were born
a celebration unlike any other in all the multiple dimensions
eclipsed in greatness only by the birth of birth itself.
From the lowest to the highest
all the denizens of the universe bowed before you
prostrated before your feet, they all bowed
not in worship but acknowledgement
of that divine reality, the only reality
from whose likeness we were compelled to life
and to whose likeness we will return from life.

In the meantime my love, just remember the words
of that master Moulana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi
when he says the wound is where the light enters you.
So let us paint together a blood portrait of the constellations
that shine from the dark skies of our hearts
so we may see our own light when the hour draws dark.
And should our fingers stumble onto the stitches
holding together the seams of [other] shattered hearts
then we shall kiss each and every one of those sacred scars
and help one another remember our birth among the stars.