Thursday, March 16, 2017

Confessions - dreams

To stand on the lip of a volcano
To watch a hundred sunrises
through the beads of morning dew
To have faith and see it bear fruit
To see, and feel with the heart
To let go of the wildfire of desire
or learn to live with it in peace
To break the catharsis of comfort
To tear down the walls of idle thought
To see with new eyes
as though newly born or
recently cured of blindness
To care, as though never hurt or scarred
To break the spell of the ego
To develop a heart with the sensitivity of an eardrum
To cast off the shackles of doubt
and shadows of delusion
To be free of hesitation when faced
with that which the heart confirms
To love, as though unrequited
yet not become bitter or distant
To let love guide your course
yet remain your own person
To love with more depth and less attachment
How can I love you better?
Without making my loving you contingent
on how and when and in which ways
you love me back?
To hear sounds that make you glad to be alive
To sip and savor gratitude
To become utterly consumed
and enthralled by the Copernicus of beauty
yet still keep one eye sober
To be able to see anyone, no matter how invisible
and hear any story, no matter how quiet
To feel another's pain
To live with your own
To greet it at the door
like an undesirable relative
yet still welcome it as a guest
No guest stays forever
and everything eventually returns