Monday, February 17, 2014

confessions p 30

Mercy on mercy on mercy
Light on light on light
13 years in an instant
Then, now, always
The same question
At the heart of all I hold true
What did I do to deserve this?
I did absolutely nothing
I just am
And You love me like this
For nothing
With no reason 
 I just want to learn how to love like that

Letters p II "Faceless Lover"

Who are you?
Where are you from?
Why does your shadow haunt the horizon of my dreams?

Whose face are you wearing today?
Whose voice have you borrowed?
Through which word shall I find you tonight?
With what mask will you kiss me in the morning?
With whose eyes shall you peer into my soul?

Oh faceless lover
Shrouded in shadow and cloth
I have only ever heard your echo through the walls
Once, I thought I heard your voice
Over the din of so many others in the marketplace
So that even now, I can't tell which throat was yours

Oh faceless lover
Who are you that awaits me at every ending?
Who are you that began with beginning?
Through whose eyes are you looking at the world?
Who are you that wears the face
of every lover I have known?
The mothers with which I have grown
Sisters and brothers, born and unknown
The was and the will be
The yet to be formed
And the seeds of the unsown?

How many lifetimes of memory must I accrue
Until I can remember what is to be with you?
Again and again and again and again
Until every moment of wakefulness is doused
And drenched with your scent
Until every breath spent unequivocally in surrender
And every moment
Every surface and layer

Oh faceless lover
Who is it looking from beneath your hundred veils
That with such a thing as simple as one gaze
Can split a single instant into a thousand ways to say
I remember

Oh faceless lover
Strike me blind!
Strike me blind
So I may never put a face to love