Thursday, August 1, 2013


Has it always been like this?

Necks laid bare to naked blade
Something for some
Nothing for others
Downtrodden children
Don't recognize their own parents
In this half-light, half-hunger, half-mad

Has it always been like this?

Wistfully wishing for something no longer there
I remember to forget to remember again
That voice
That crescent moon
An instant of locked glances

How do you time time?
How do you measure measuring?
By a life on the cusp of a moment?
By a kiss on the brink of creation?

It is impossible to unsee the unseeable
I've tried
I have no answers
She took even what I don't have from me
Stole my debts and left me madness
Now I think
I've never had less
And been richer

Until I forget to remember to forget again

It has always been like this