Friday, October 18, 2013


From madness and insanity we come to life
From bullets, to sanctions, to instability and strife
Even in the depths of darkness we rejoice at light

We carry dances within our steps:
The dance of the atoms and the dance of the stars
(I saw) the moon drip into the night
A shot of cream frozen in a cup of coffee
(I saw) dawn in the open eyes and mouths
Each child, woman and man a beam of light

song birds

When I hear music
That heavenly memory of the kingdom of souls
From which we arose and fell through to the good Earth
I feel like there is a small group of little birds inside me
With names like Unbounded Joy and Bubbling Delight
Laughing Glance and Dancing Wing
And tireless Grateful Song with his eagle wingspan and sharp vision for details

These birds become me
When I settle into the notes
Of music that reminds me of home