Saturday, January 14, 2012

What's in a tear?

I am an alchemist
I make mirrors out of hearts
I am more than an alchemist
I make something out of nothing
I am nothing
I can make something of my nothing.

Watch my tears turn into a leaf, a shoot
Grains of sand, desert flowers
An extended talon, the gaze of a tulip.
My tears are parachutes
They are floodlights in a storm

They are letters lost in the mail
They are notes in a bottle
Bobbling over the waves
They are sparks leaping upward
They are flares in the middle of the ocean

My tears are dolphins, leaping and streaking
Over the golden waters of the sea on a summer day
They are peals of children's laughter
And the exclamation of newly discovered life.

My tears are the flight of birds
They are the promise of migration
They are the arc of a sword swing
The hungry teeth of the blade.
My tears are a blacksmith's anvil
My heart is the forge
the blade is my memories
And the target is myself

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