Thursday, February 9, 2012

confessions p 16

You are your own universe.
The Unnameable became man
so that man could become unnameable
In you, lies an entire world
the purgatory of your own deliberation
and all the heavens and hells.
You are a drop of the great churning heart of the cosmos
you are the universe looking back upon itself
the crowning achievement of consciousness.

You arouse the jealousy of the greatest Angels
and when you burn through your clay chains with Love
the stars themselves gleam with envy. Don't you know?
Don't you know that when Love was created
none could bear its tremendous weight
neither the mountains or the oceans
nor the ancient earth--not even the heavens?
None, but you.
You are a mirror unto this dance
between being and non being.

Like a black hole, we swallow up
solids, fluids, gasses, even light!
Our hands are executioners
smiling lips reading out death sentences
our teeth, guillotine blades
mouths the sacrificial alters
through which we keep ourselves alive.

Through the story of our bodies
you could trace the passing of our seasons
like the damp before the storm
and the rosy blush of blossoms
like long luminous days and the slow trickle
of sweat over sun-wrinkled skin
like the ripe fullness of harvests and the changing leaves
before the cold stiffness of our final winters
when we will all take that step without feet
and "they will ask you
what you have produced
say to them
except for Love
what can a Lover produce?"

**Rumi quote

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