Wednesday, June 20, 2012

confessions p 19

I want to kiss someone who has tasted darkness
fall in love with the heartbroken
and drink with one who has known thirst.


I want to break bread with you
and hit the road with you.

I want to rush through a day with you
only to watch the stars on our backs at night.

I want to work up an appetite with you
See the sweat gather and glisten on your skin
The sun reflected in the hieroglyphics of your irises.

I want to watch your calves clench
as your toes tell the stories of your swaying hips to the earth.

I want to share a meal with you
when we're both hungry and there's not much food.

I don't need to know how you got your scars
but I want to see how you carry them.

I want to see you when you're alone with your soul.

I want to hear all the frequencies of your voice
I want to know what keeps you up at night
what drives you and what lies at the heart of your heart.

I want to take in your silences
and taste the salt of your tears.
I want to see you in all your colors
your arrays of yellows, blues and reds
I want all your shades of black and white
your purples, your bruises
and the scarlet of your scars.
Don't you dare hold back such beautiful history from me.


  1. I shed a tear. Words are really not enough to describe the power and wonder that your words posses.
    Well done Ali. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  2. That power and wonder is in us all. Thank you Jessica. One love