Thursday, January 22, 2015

confessions p 31

A heart is a word is a drum is a question.
A heart is a machete is a muscle is a classroom
is a lightbulb is an open door is a tide.
A heart is a glance is a secret
is a grimace is a kiss is a scar is a resignation of defiance.
A heart is a plug is a powerchord
is a battery is bio-luminescence
is a judge is a window is a mirror
is a curse is a prayer is a baby in the fetal position
is a wave is an eddy is an ocean is an eye.
A heart is a leaf is a valley is a breeze
is a sun is an oasis is a smile is a dawn
is a dam is a bridge is a train is a greeting.
A heart is a gun barrel is a black box
is a sail is an old couple in a park
is a hostel is the distances between stars.
A heart is a seat is a throne is a promise
is a witness is a mother's foot is forgiveness.

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