Wednesday, December 16, 2015

confessions p. 34

I have been weeping
I am haunted, broken
I am losing
what is not mine for the keeping

I am touching a moment
that will never be again
I am hoarding these photographs
but they are not mine to keep

A broken tooth, a bloodied arm, potential lost
Another's wife, parents ignored through the divorce
Two sullied lungs, a father's shame 
A headline reading one million slain
And so many nights spent weeping over the beauty of it all

There is as much light in this world as darkness
And more perhaps, I think

And none of it 
Neither darkness nor light
Is mine for the keeping

This moment 
This home
This music
This body, in all its grace
These lips, and this speech
This light in our eyes when we speak
None of it is ours to keep

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