Wednesday, January 26, 2011

800 years of gravity

When I am with you
I am with everyone.
When I am with you
I melt out of myself
I lose all reference points
but this burning inside.
When you speak
I feel you closer to me than myself.
Your words
like crepuscular rays
fill me up like a brimming cup
and the dams I've built inside
overflow with being
and every moment becomes
a torrent, a flood.
Sometimes it's as if
everything bears your scent
and I am constantly turning my neck
looking for your face.
Sometimes I see you in everything
that crosses paths with mine
and that entire caravan
becomes an extension of me.
Sometimes I hear your story
in unexpected places as if it were my own.
Sometimes every sound is a hint, a musical note
a key to the quiet symphony you've left behind.
You are fire
and I am tinder
begging to be lit ablaze.
You are wind
and I am dust
dancing and blowing away
in your breath.
You are an ocean
and I want to say I'm a drop
but how can a drop
remain a drop within the ocean?

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