Monday, September 16, 2013

Song of the Beloved p. I

At your mention
My knees give away
One whisper of your name
My entire body becomes a prayer

Please keep me close to you
Whether you love me or hate me
Please keep me close to you
Whether your hurl insults at me
Or curl your way into my folds
Keep some of your attention on me

You are my moon
You are the wind in my sail
You are my midnight sun
I am lost without you
I am lost within you
I am lost
Find your way into me
Let me find my way into you

Your shadow is a supernovae
Swallowed by a black hole
Your lack of presence is death
And I am dying
Every day
With every hour
I draw closer to that moment
But dying is nothing new
Compared to a moment without you


  1. Next time you walk along the changing leaves, how the fluid in their veins freezes causing the shades to change right before your eyes...next you walk alone, the Beloved is peering into your soul, into your drunken eyes. You were never alone.

  2. Wow. Your comment is beautiful. Thank you very much for your words. "Dorood bar doost"