Monday, September 16, 2013

There is a Sun in Your Chest

Love hides in odd places

I know you're scared

I'm right there too

I know you're hurting

I'm right here with you 

I know you feel alone

I know the world seems a lost cause some days

I know some days are darker than the night

I know the sun doesn't shine in some places

I know you carry inside you

The potential for perpetual darkness

But even in the darkest depths of the ocean
Where no one has ever seen the sun 
Where they do not know the greeting of the dawn
Even in the heart of darkness
There is light

And Love has an army 
Right around the corner

Love has an army
Waiting like a February dawn in an Arctic town of Polar Nights

Love has an army
7 billion sleeper agents
Waiting for Love to take them over like Agent Smith in the Matrix

Love lies waiting in the depths of the oceans inside your heart
Love lies waiting in the heights of the mountains inside your heart
Love lies waiting like bioluminescence
In the deep sea of even the blackest hearts

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