Saturday, October 2, 2010

confessions p.2

This gradual build up
of nights and stray tears
from trickle to flood,
all bearing your name.
Each whispered breath
repeating one plea,
relief from this burning
being and non-being,
seeing, not believing
eyes closed, heart open
feeling for essence
among non-essence.
Would that I were not
but the breeze of change,
would that I could say
that I regretted
did not have enough
couldn't see, but no.
You render speechless,
not defined by word,
my tongue hides your name,
you're all I think of.
It is you bleeding
through my heart's hollows,
start and only end,
means and every end.
So this breast I bare
defenseless, needless
before reflections
of my own faces.

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