Saturday, October 2, 2010

the confinement of thought

Even in this writing
My binds show themselves
I think I'm a moth
Searching in darkness
I think I'm an "I"
I think that I think
I have some idea
of what is happening
The truth is I don't
I am unfolding
Becoming unthought
Quiet, between breaths
My heart talks of death
What I think is death


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1 comment:

  1. I think there are a few central themes in your writing and all of them are linked together in some way. Themes like you have so aptly put yourself:

    "I’m tired of divisions and distinctions,
    and all the lines and limits,
    the 'rationality' and 'wisdom,'
    that color the world black and white."

    It is difficult for me to see these poems as distinct beings but rather I view them as a beautifully coherent whole. Together they form the perfect sphere of thought and feelings.

    This specific piece is very close to my heart as the belief that only through doubt can truth be attained, that the only thing which is certain that nothing is certain.

    The final steps of completion and enlightenment are to unlearn all that is learnt, to destroy the very foundations of belief itself. To unravel and unwind the cocoon which we've caged ourselves in and become what we were meant to...A beautiful moth in perpetual flight.