Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ode to Friends

If today were my last day
I would owe it to you my friends.
It was your songs that burned me to life
Your love stories that made me look for my own.
Your tears, that paved the way for my laughter
And your laughter, that brings me now to tears.
I know nothing but our reconciliations.
I know nothing but the fires 
You have lit in my heart.
I've risen with you at your best
And lain with you at your worst.
Everything I am, all that I can say
Are both accumulations of you.
All I know is that there is nothing
Greater than union with you
Under the roof of this halfway home
Before that final destination.
And that's why there has to be separation between us
so that yearning may glow, and grow brilliant.
Oh would that I always have the disheveled air of a lover for you.

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